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Motorcycle and Scooter Entries - £5.00 (includes a pillion)
Download a Motorcycle Entry Form above.

All makes models and eras are welcome for motorcycles and scooters  - if unsure of eligibility please contact the motorcycle organiser - contact details are on the entry form.


Please use the motorcycle organiser contact for all entry forms AND enquiries NOT the vehicle entry contacts.

Similar guidance applies as for car clubs - please get in touch if you want to enter as a club or group we will endeavour to place you together on the day. (subject to capacity and availability).



We would love to arrange a ride - in parade for the motorcycles and scooters - but this is entirely dependent on the numbers of entries attending and weather on the day.

If you would like to ride in to the event on a pre-arranged time please make sure you tick the ride in box and leave a valid email address as arrangements may have to be done on the day according to weather and traffic conditions.

This would be a first for Lyn Valley for the two wheels rather than four so the more the merrier and let's hope we can get a full Wild Ones/Quadrophenia style entrance for the show.

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