Application forms for the 2022 show are being processed now.

Please bear with us, it's all done by volunteers with day jobs.


General guidance 

Vehicle Entries:

New System in operation:


This year for the first time you will receive colour coded passes to display in your windscreen. Motorcycles please just have them available if requested.


Please follow the colour coded signs for your entry - Generally Supercars will be in Lynton - Classics will be on the Manor Green.

For the first time also, you will receive 2 wristbands per entry for admittance to the event as an exhibitor. Extra passengers require a wristband each - please ensure you have indicated this on your entry.


Show visitors will have a different colour band.

Please ensure you are wearing these before you arrive so marshalls can get you in and parked efficiently.


The new system is designed to smooth entry and parking up.  

If you are automotive trade or traders you will also receive wristbands please let us know how many you require for your stand.