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Message to Tour Entrants from the M.M.C.


The Minehead Motor Club has again been asked to organise a short tour of Exmoor finishing in Lynmouth 


We hope you are able to join us for this years event!

Richard and Jenn Williams - Minehead Motor Club 

Minehead Motor Club Entry Form


If you are on the tour to end parked up on the beach green with the club then you must complete the dedicated MMC entry form.

If you are not on the tour itself but wish to be part of the MMC group on the beach green then you must complete the dedicated MMC entry form  - MMC TOUR ENTRY FORM

If you have no need to be part of the final MMC group but still want to enter the Lyn Valley Classic you must complete a vehicle entry form and arrive at the stated time.

For all other non MMC vehicle entries you will need to complete a vehicle entry form. 

(The MMC entry includes tour organisation,).

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